Logbook Servicing

To ensure that your new car’s warranty remains valid, it is vital that logbook servicing is carried out by a registered mechanic and in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. This will ensure that you will be protected with the peace of mind that should any mechanical repairs be required under warranty, you will not be out of pocket or be left with any costly repair bills. For more information or to make a booking, please contact us today.

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Vehicle Inspections

At Ierace Automotive, our skilled mechanics have a wealth of automotive knowledge when it comes to vehicle inspections and preventative mechanical repairs. Before buying a second hand vehicle from a private seller or dealership, it is strongly recommended that you have a qualified mechanic carry out a pre-purchase inspection. This will provide you with a detailed report and the peace of mind that the vehicle you are buying is mechanically sound and safe to drive on the road. To avoid any surprises when buying your next vehicle, please contact us below today.

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Effective stopping power is vital when it comes to driving on the road with your loved ones sitting in the back and the braking system on your vehicle should be regularly inspected by an accredited mechanic to ensure it is working correctly. At Ierace Automotive, the team have the knowledge and experience to assist with brake inspections, component replacement, machining, hoses and restorations, as well as brake upgrades. If your brakes are sticking or effecting your vehicle’s stopping power, please click below to make a booking today.

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Steering and Suspension

Through natural driving the wheels on your vehicle can begin to stray from their original alignment and need to be re-aligned by a professional and accredited mechanic. This will ensure your vehicle safely remains on the road at all times and that you are always in complete control of the vehicle. Here at Ierace Automotive, we can assist customers with replacement shocks and springs, wheel balancing, bushing replacement, power steering repairs and replacement, lift kits and 4wd upgrades. For more information or to book an inspection of your steering system, contact us today.

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Clutches and Transmissions

The mechanical gear sets inside of the transmission system are complex and highly technical in nature and assist the vehicle in transferring power from the engine and down to the wheels, in effect enabling you to move your vehicle forward or backwards in reverse. However, to ensure the long-term health of the system, it’s vital that routine inspection and preventative maintenance is carried out regularly by an accredited mechanic.

At Ierace Automotive, we provide a wide range of transmission services including: repairs and replacement, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, differentials and CV joints. For bookings or inquiries please contact us today.

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Engine Repairs

The engine in your vehicle is often referred to by mechanics as the “beating heart” and is tasked with the job of powering your vehicle through converting fuel into energy. However, this intensive process generates a large amount of heat which must be kept at a cool temperature so as to prevent serious damage, such as a cracked engine head or block.

At Ierace Automotive, we provide a diverse range engine services, including but not limited to the following: Engine rebuilds, reconditioning, testing, engine blocks, cylinder heads, camshaft, EFI diagnostics, dyno tuning.

For more information regarding our engine repair services or to book your vehicle in at our modern workshop, please give us a call or click the button below today.

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Auto Electrical

Modern passenger vehicles are highly complex in nature and the same goes for the auto electrical system which is contained within the body of the vehicle. Tasked with operating a wide range of functions, the auto electrical system is highly technical and requires specialised diagnostic scan tools when it comes to testing, diagnosing and repairing the most common of error fault codes.

At Ierace Automotive, our skilled mechanics use the latest in scan tool software to assist customers with diagnostic scans and component replacement and testing. For more information regarding our auto electrical services or to make a booking, please give our team a call today.

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Other Vehicle Services

  • Cooling system inspections
  • Exhaust replacement
  • Performance exhaust upgrades
  • Caravan servicing
  • Trailer servicing
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